Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Friday!

Well today I was on my way to a friend's house and detoured a bit to hit some garage sales. The first one I got Adrian out of the car and took him with and he was trying to go into their house and go up the stairs, etc. It was NOT fun! LOL so the next couple of garage sales we went to I left him in the car with the windows down and where i was only a few feet away from him...well this is what I came back to....

Yes, that's right, it's mascara and eyeliner!! LOL

I also have a few videos that I just got of Adrian...the quality sucks..sorry!!

It's Friday!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another day of fun!

Today Lisa, her kids, and I went to the spray park....we had a great time! She put her twins in there and let them crawl around...they are 9 months old and didn't really know what to think about it at first but they liked it. Jr got tired so he was fussy after a bit but Danny was loving it!!! We brought a picnic lunch and ate and then went back into the water! Fun times!!!!!! Of course....I have TONS of pics!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another playdate!

Well in the event of trying to keep ourselves busy...we go on ALOT of playdates. Sometimes we go out somewhere like to a park, etc and sometimes we just hang out at friend's houses. That's what we did today and it was so fun! I love Lisa and her kids. Adrian has such a good time over there. I took a bunch of pics so here they are.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Mommy and Adrian day!

Well today I decided to take Adrian to story time....and he was a holy terror so I decided to take him to the water park and let him run off some energy. He had fun and we were the only people there! So it was fun but boring too. After we left there i called around to some local pools but they are all closed for the season!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT?????? Its still August!!!!!! Oh well so we went to see a friend of mine and then came home. Here are some pics!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

And finally...the moment you have all been waiting for(well maybe)

Mexico pics!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click here

If it asks you for a password it is: Mexico

Enjoy...those aren't ALL the pics but a few of the good ones.


Well there isnt much to update but I will try...I talk to Chino probably about 4-5 times a day..i know probably a bit excessive but oh works for us. Adrian misses him like crazy as do i! I just want him back!!!!!!! I talked to him today and we are *hoping* everything will work out in about 2 weeks or so and he will be back. It helps a little knowing that but until he is on his way back and in my arms then i will be happy. Til then, just keeping busy...job hunting like a maniac...hopefully i find something soon.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I was tagged by I will give it a try..I am usually not very good at these since my brain doesn't work on demand LOL

7 facts about Adrian...

1. If I would let him, he would watch the movie Cars all day everyday.
2. He loves the water...he must get it from me. He loves to swim.
3. He loves to dance...any kind of music that comes on he shakes his booty!
4. He loves to help me clean...which most times hurts me more than helps me but I still let him try to help me.
5. He is hitting the terrible 3's.
6. He DOES not have a real interest in potty training. I wonder if he will go to school in diapers...
7. He loves me more than anything!

Ok so probably pretty boring but here it is...i am not tagging anyone..but feel free to do this yourself if you haven't already.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Jennifer!!!!!!!!!

I dont think you read this but I am posting it anyways!!!!! Happy 30th Birthday I love ya!!!!!!!!!!!! Above are a few pics from when we went out to celebrate!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008


So my friend Lauren who I have known most of my life has a daughter about 6 months younger than Adrian and we try to get together often and go to the library, parks, swimming, etc so the kids can play. Today we went to Tunnel Voyage. ITs a huge place with lots of tunnels and ball pits and games and it was so fun! The kids had a blast. Then, afterwards, Adrian and I went to the park. I have been trying to stay busy and not be home but there is only so much i can do during the day especially when its naptime! Anyways here are some pics!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why is it...

That the day we are back home i get sick....
Ugh yesterday morning i was fine. I got up and unpacked the truck since we got in so late. Took the truck up and washed it and cleaned it out and took my memory card to walgreens to get the pics off of it since Adrian dropped my camera and broke it on the trip. I went to see some friends and then about 2 pm i started getting a headache. So i come home and it gets worse i was in bed all night last night and up all night with it. I go to the doctor today and I have a sinus infection. Yay.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm back...

But very sad and lonely without my honey. We had a good trip it was fun but it took me forever to get used to things. I feel like i finally started getting used to things when we were leaving. We left Kansas City July 30th. We drove all day and stayed the night in San Antonio, TX. We got up early the morning of the 31st and went down to the Riverwalk and walked along there for a bit then went back to the truck to head on out to Mexico. We finally get to Mexico and go into Nuevo Laredo and change our dollars to pesos and get mexican car insurance for the trip. We leave there and head for the ranch(Doctor Arroyo, Mexico). We get about 20-30 minutes down the road and MExican immigration stops us. Turns out we need a car permit and tourist permits. Duh i guess we should have known that. So we go back to Nuevo Laredo and get all of this taken care of. By this time it is almost 3pm and we werent sure what to do because we werent sure if they were gonna let Chino back into his own country because we forgot to bring his birth certificate! So we decided to stay the night in a SWEET room at the Holiday Inn Express there in Nuevo Laredo and we got to just relax and swim. That night Chino's mom faxed over his birth certificate. So the next morning we were set to go...we make it through Mexican immigration and breathed a sigh of relief. Chino was just getting more and more excited! So FINALLY on August 1st around 5pm we get to his family's ranch house where we were met with a BUNCH of family members. It was a big giant cry fest. But it was sooo exciting. We just hung out that night and caught up and unloaded the truck and relaxed a bit. The next day, Saturday August 2nd, was the day of the quinceanera. So early that morning we went into town to go get stuff like clothes and food, etc for the party. Than we came back and got ready for the party. It was soo cool. Chino's cousin, Selene, who's party it was was sooo beautiful. The party started with a church type service then a bull roping event then back to the ranch for food and a band and dancing. I was exhausted after all that. Then on Sunday morning most of the family left to go back to Monterrey, so it was kinda quiet. We ended up leaving to go to Monterrey on Tuesday morning. It was nice to get back to the city. I am NOT a middle of nowhere type of girl. LOL. We got to Monterrey around 1pm Tuesday and packed everyone up and went to the Parque Espana down the street and went swimming. IT was so fun! Wednesday we really didnt do much except hang out at the house. Thursday Adrian woke up sick and that night we took him to see a doctor where they gave him some meds and a shot. I couldnt even go back and comfort my little boy because i didnt speak enough Spanish. Only Chino could go back with Adrian. Ugh. Friday Adrian seemed to be better but still had diarreah. Saturday was the same. Saturday i was really itching to get out of the house and go somewhere so we went to this area that had a bunch of shops and they had a McDonalds! LOL We ate at McDonalds and then went shopping for a bit. We got back home and started getting ready for our trip home the next day. Sunday morning we got up...loaded up and headed to Nuevo Laredo to cross the border. Chino and his mom went as far as they could with us then we had to say goodbye. That was probably the hardest moment of my life. Knowing i had to leave my honey in a different country and not knowing when or how he would be getting back. I was balling and so was he. I finally had to let him go and we got int he truck and continued in line to cross the border. It took all i had not to turn back around and stay there. So we get to the border and they make us go to a different line and take out all of our luggage and inspect it all and bring a dog in to smell everything. Good thing i didnt try to smuggle Chino in one of my suitcases . Dont get me was a thought but i wouldnt ever do it as much as i wanted to. So of course everything was fine we load back up and continue on our 2 day drive home. I am glad to be home but everything here reminds me of Chino. I want him back so bad. I am even going so far as to thinking about going back down there....

BY the way as soon as i sort out all the pics i will add them in a post....there are a ton...