Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pic post!

We have been out at the parks, water parks, friends houses, friends coming over....sorry i haven't been around much but here are some pics!!

Ok well i tried to upload pics but apparently blogger doesn't want me to tonite. I willl try again later!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We love the water!

"Mama..Agua!! Agua!!" Adrian. He loves the water. He totally gets it from me! I am a water baby. I love the pool, swimming, the lake, anything! So today when we were waiting for daddy we went and cruised around the lake where he was working on a house and although i was EXTREMELY jealous of the people on the boats and jet-skis and tubing and they were having fun! Adrian and I were having a bit of fun ourselves sitting on the dock at the marina putting our feet in the water! Here are some pics!

P.S. Please excuse my ugliness in my pic with Adrian. It was HOT outside!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Summer fun!

OK so its the start of summer and the start of alot of fun!!!!!!!!!!!! I love summer! I am not a big fan of the extreme heat but i love to swim and BBQ and be with friends. It seems these days that every weekend we have people over and are BBQing and swimming and being outside all day. By Sunday evening i am EXHAUSTED!!!!!!!! Friday night my friend Steph and her kids came over and my neighbors came over and drank and set up the tent and camped out in the backyard! It was soooo fun! The kids were soo wound up that none of them went to sleep til midnight and then they all woke up at 7am!!! Yikes! So Saturday we were kinda lazy didnt really do much we were outside and swam a bit and watched movies that night. Sunday we got up and ran some errands in the morning and then came back and went swimming in the backyard then i walked Adrian up the street when i saw the neighbor kids outside in their pool. So he had fun swimming in their little kiddie pool with his friends. Then we came back and went to the store and BBQed again with the neighbors! I love it!!