Sunday, February 15, 2009

Better...I guess...

Well I don't know what to title this. Adrian is feeling better today thank god but now i have another worry on my mind. Yesterday at the doc Adrian got weighed, he is 40 pounds! Yay that's great right? well, he is now too big for his current carseat...and I can't afford to get him another harnessing carseat as they are pretty pricey...I have been researching all morning putting wanted ads on Craigslist and Freecycle...I REALLY don't want to put him in a booster but at this point it looks as though that's going to have to do....ugh and then i look at thes elinks and i freak out!!

Why does this have to be so hard??

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Let me just say this is the suckiest Valentine's Day ever....I had big plans for today..Chino was supposed to get paid and we were gonna go on a double date with another couple to dinner and dancing. Yeah...guess not. Chino has been waiting for this paycheck for like a week now and it's a long story but who knows when he will actually get paid. It really sucks not knowing. Anyways to top it all off, Adrian woke up at 2:30am holding his stomach and crying because it was hurting him. We got up and came to the living room both of us in the recliner and he just could not get comfortable. HE kept getting up and going to the couch then coming bakc to the recliner...he would falla sleep for about 10 minutes then wake back up. Well Chino went to work at 7amish and around 9am Adrian and I were laying in bed trying to get back to sleep and CHino came home and we decided to take him to Urgent Care at his doc's office. The felt his stomach and realized he was hurting around his bladder and wanted a urine sample so we finaly got it and it was fine. So he sent us to Children's Mercy Hospital for blood work and x-rays and I am freaking out. He was very lethargic there but did great. We left and came home and the doc called saying everything looked normal in the x-rays and blood work with the exception of a slightly elevated white blood cell count but it wasnt anything to be concerned about. He said to watch him and if it doesnt get better bring him back in. So he has been asleep off and on all day watching cartoons, i keep giving him water.juice and he keeps throwing it up so now i got him some gatorade we'll see if he can keep that down. Luckily i laid down around 230pm this afternoon and slept til 630pm!! It felt good!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I know, I know...

I have abandoned my blog..yet's the deal Chino found a job so i have pretty much been taking him's not very close to our house so most of the time i just stay out that way as I spend less gas doing that even though it sucks sometimes..
The weather has been nice lately(well, not today) so we have been able to get outside alot. I cannot wait for spring/summer!!
Adrian had his last evaluation at the Early Learning Center(preschool) and i turned in his enrollment papers and he will be starting in early March! I am kind of excited because he will LOVE IT!! But I am also nervous cuz he is my baby! But this is the best thing for him.
As for me, i cant really complain although the past week i have had a tooth bothering me and the last two nights have been BAD. I cant sleep laying down it seems to make it hurt worse but not laying down is not comfortable. I have a call into the doc to see what to do but I have no dental insurance...soo yeah that sucks. Anyways here are some pics from the past couple weeks! Enjoy!