Sunday, March 29, 2009


I made some changes to my blog style! Hope you all like! I get bored with it occasionally and need to change it up!

Snow day fun!!!

We had to get out yesterday in the midst of all the bad weather to go to a birthday party but we hurried home so we could just be at home for the worst part of the storm. Today, however, we got outside in it. Although it was melting we went outside to shovel the driveway and play! Adrian layed on the ground in the snow and started making a snow angel. I honestly have NO IDEA where he learned this!!!! LOL!! Maybe TV?? Anyways I have pics!!

Of course Daddy had to try too!My two fave guys!

So yeah, we had fun!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

After school

We went to the park to enjoy the day...although it started getting very windy and looked like it was going to storm at anytime. Before i went to the park we picked up Sarah and took her with us...then we went back to her house to play some more.

My baby started school...

today! I was so nervous and he was excited til we got there...then he got all shy and did not want us to go! He cried and the teacher told us to just go and he would be fine! That was the longest 3 hours ever! I know once it becomes routine we will both be fine...its just hard to adjust!

Here is my handsome little man!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I thought it would NEVER end..

And by that I mean 2 things.
1. Winter. UGH. Being inside and bored. But today was a breath of fresh air literally! It was 75 degrees today!! Woo hoo!

2. Adrian's sickness! I think he is MUCH better!!! He still seems a little out of sorts sometimes BUT he is better..he is drinking lots of fluids, peeing regularly, not puking! YAY!!!!!

We spent the day at the park today to rejoice both events! First off, Adrian falls into the lake. He didnt fall all the way in, yes I was there very very close so I was able to get him before he did fall all the way in. WOW. So we left and went a bought him some new shorts and t-shirt(I was 30 minutes from home). Then we went and returned library books, washed the car, ate lunch and played at the park some more before it was time to get Chino. Tomorrow will be even warmer!!
I have pics but they are from my cell because i went off and forgot the batteries to my camera.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hospital trip

After much back and forth i decided to take Adrian in to urgent care at the Children's hospital here. As I posted before he got sick on Wednesday morning throwing up and diarrhea. The throwing up lasted a day the diarrhea lasted 3 days with the third day being very bad!! He seemed to be drinking OK but Friday and Saturday he laid on the chair or couch all day and didnt want to move and basically slept all day. I started to get very worried and called the on call pediatrician. He thought it might be his blood sugar so I got him some OJ and he stayed the same. So Chino was on his way home so i packed Adrian all up and when Chino got here we left. Well...we went to Childrens Mercy urgent care got checked in and triaged and then they called us in a room. The doctor came in and looked at him and we talked about whats was going on with him and he decided to take some blood and give IV fluids. The nurses came in and wrapped him all up and started to take the blood and he screamed and cried and was yelling at them to stop and my heart broke! I started balling. They did do it all at once so once they got the bood the IV was put in and they ran fluids in him for about an hour while they waited on the bloodwork. When it was all said and done they got the bloodwork back from the lab and he said his electrolytes were a liuttle off balance but that he would have recovered on his own in a few days and that the fluids will hopefully give him the boost he needs. He is up now but still seems kinda drained so we'll see how the day plays out. Here are som pics of my little trooper!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am tired...

This is the second day Adrian is soo sick! He was supposed to start school yesterday but woke up in the middle of the night sick so he wasn't able to go yesterday. Then the school called and wants him to start on Monday the 23rd due to Spring Break being next week which i totally understand! Hopefully we can get him healthy by then!!!! I am exhausted I feel like I have a newborn again!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


My baby starts school!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I turned in all of the paperwork today so he is ready to go for tomorrow. They asked if i wanted him to take the bus or if I wanted to take him/pick him up. I am going to take him and pick him up for now. I know he would LOVE the bus but I am not sure that "I" am ready for it!!! LOL It's hard enough that he will be gone for 3 hours...whatever will I do??? Alone time....ahhhh

Monday, March 9, 2009

Busy busy busy!

We have been running around like crazy! I was going to split this post into a few posts but I cant as I have to go pickup Chino from work here in a few so here we go. We have been hanging out with Chino's boss(his name is Chino too) and his wife Melissa and their 4 kids. We went out last Saturday(2/28) for Melissa's birthday to a Japanese steakhouse(my fave!)

We had our final meeting about Adrian going to preschool with the teacher who evaluated him and i am just getting all of the paperwork in so they can get it and he should start next week!

Last week was so warm! One day it hit 82 degrees, it was great! We spent the days at the park with friends!!

This past Saturday the neighbors had the 4 wheeler and dirt bikes out and Adrian got to take a ride with one of them!!! He loved it!

Yesterday, we went to my friend's son's birthday was fun but Adrian wanted all of his presents!! LOL

Today we haven't done much! Just catching up!!!!