Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nothing too exciting

Lately there has been nothing too exciting to blog about. But i am trying to keep this thing updated so I will blog about our boringness lol! Just been getting up everyday and taking Adrian to school and coming home and spending my 3 hour kidless cleaning(woohoo) and then picking him up and we have lunch and hang out the rest of the day! Soo fun! lol! Anyways We are just getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. This Thursday we have feast at Adrians school followed by a Carnival! It will be soo fun!
We had our first snow this morning! Adrian looked out the window and yelled "Snow, Snow!" He then got on the floor and showed us how to make a snow angel! The snow has aleady melted but now it's just raining. I cant wait for the first big snow!!!!! Guess I better get Adrian some snow boots!!!

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